Sunday Dinner at 1am

…Are you seeing a trend? This is how you know I am preparing for something. I have been doing a lot after hours eh. Well tonight I am cooking diner real late because I have a full day of rehearsal for our fashion show happening Monday March 23rd at Revival.

I am a mother first and I have to ensure home is taken care of. So, knowing that I won’t be home to make Sunday dinner during the day, I have to make sure there is dinner – even if that means staying up extra late to complete it.  Continue reading

Midnight Drive

Just after midnight leaving the salon. After a few hours of girl chats and a fabulous do, I choose to take the main roads home rather than the highway. See, I love a late night drive – where there are few cars driving beneath the night sky. There is something about driving alone with your thoughts. Its a solitude that you learn to appreciate. Continue reading

Setting Your Own Rules

I believe the most successful people do things the way they want. They set their own standards and design their own way to execute their own dreams. Too often we try to follow the crowd because we are afraid of what others may think. Too often we try to be part of the crowd because we want to feel like we are ‘in’. Too often we hold our tongues because we don’t want to be ‘too much’.

I think I have done, if not one, but all of those points highlighted above. However, being successful is not about feeling comfortable or secure. Well, not when you are on the rise. Its about knowing your Why, and then striving to achieve your goals. Its important to know that your goals will not always swing right with the rest of the crowd. See, you were born unique and equipped to stand out and be you.

What do I really mean? The path towards your dreams will require you to step outside of the expectations and standards of the world around you. It means you will have to set your own rules and dare yourself to be confident enough to not really care about opinions (I don’t mean just the bad ones, I mean the good ones too). A successful road is often a lonely road and you won’t meet many people who get your drive – and that’s ok. Just love them and continue. Don’t be afraid to let your confidence speak out. I promise one day when they see you accomplishing all those ‘crazy dreams’ they will say “I didn’t get it but now I do”.

The most important point to all this is that you must begin doing things your way. Don’t hold back. Now is the time to just make it happen.

Much Love,


A Burning Desire

There have been so many thoughts floating through my mind and so many things that I want to say. The best way for me to express myself is through writing. My goal is to utilize this medium to express myself in the most honest way. I hope this will also help someone else in whatever they may ever need clarity in. This year I won’t do a list of things I have learned. However, hopeful through my entries you will come to understanding what the year has taught me.



For you I Will


For most of my facebook followers, they would have already read this story. However, I decided to post it on my personal blog as well. Please read this beautiful story about my son below Xo

On Canada Day I took my son to see fireworks, As we drove back home the song “For you I will” by Monica came on the radio. I said to him “Day, that’s my song dedicated to you!” As I continued to drive I hummed the song as David sat in the back seat quietly.  Once I came to a stop light,  I turned around to check on him and to my surprise  there were tears on his face and he smiled gently at me. I said :papa whats wrong?” And he said “I’m crying tears of happiness mommy” – I had instant tears.

A moment with my Father

I have kept a private journal since I was in the seventh grade, and I do my best to record everything that has a significant impact on my life. From time to time I look back into the journal I kept during my father’s passing. I never seem to find an entry which elaborates on my thoughts during one of the most significant times of my life.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago I had to do some re-organizing in my home because we were getting new furniture. After emptying out the entertainment center I found a bag with a whole bunch of note books (I am a note book junkie). One of those books included a book I kept during my pregnancy – it consisted of my doctor appointments, baby shower details, important numbers and just about everything a pregnant woman needs to stay on track. Now, at the back of that book I found journal entries. Amongst those were entries I found entries I had wrote regarding my father passing away and times I had visited him in the hospital. The moment felt right to find these entries even though it became emotional. It was so emotional that I had to leave the room before my mother could see the tears falling from my eyes.

The entries had discussed my times visiting my dad just before he passed away, and it also discussed the moment I told my father I was expecting my son. See, for a majority of my pregnancy I didn’t tell my father I was pregnant. I didn’t tell him for a few reasons. One, because I was at a pinnacle moment of my life – I was his first child to attend University and I knew it meant a whole lot to him. Second, when I found out I was pregnant I asked my father “Daddy I have a friend who is pregnant and she is still studying…what do you think she should do?”
His reply “Well she’s stupid!” Yeah I had a bunch of blank stares too. Therefore I decided to withhold telling my father I was expecting.

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Remembering Dr Maya Angelou



Today I woke up at 6:30 am and indulged into well needed meditation. See, the last few days have been a bit stressful – I have been getting over an illness and my motivation was not where it normally is. Not only did I meditate but I also recounted my affirmation over and over and over again just to build mind back to where it needs to be.

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson is a book which helped to change my entire outlook on life. Once upon a time, I made every little thing bother my heart and soul. I mean, over thinking, being nit-picky … Continue reading

Glowing By Choice



The way life is treating you, has a way of showing in your everyday glow. Just before turning 28 I made a vow to myself to do more, enjoy more and try my best to worry less. So basically, to live life that much more and just enjoy things while it lasts.

The very essence of life is to live in the moment, work towards your hearts desires, and feel gratified for being here. A few nights ago, my son and I were looking through a box of old photos – some of these photos were dated back since I was in high school while others were of his infant days. I remember seeing my son excitedly looking thru his baby photos – some showed him playing in tissue paper, others had his smiling face with his food plastered over his adorable face, while other photos showed loved ones holding him and enjoying his presence. As he looked through these images he said

“I am happy to be here and have had all these great memories”.

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